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Camp Jenin: A Story of Palestine

Jamal Kanj
Source: Al Mayadeen English

13. Jul. 2023.

For over seventy years, “Israel” has blamed the victims, and its hasbara (propaganda) arm in the West has misused “antisemitism” to intimidate and silence those who dare to criticize “Israel”.

The Jenin camp, a symbol of the Palestinian people

There is a clear relationship between the recent Israeli incursion into the Jenin camp and the laws of cause and effect. Understanding the catalyst that led to the establishment of the refugee camp is therefore crucial in comprehending both the Israeli war on the camp this month, and its destruction in 2002. All this can be summarized in a short sentence: Jenin camp is as old as “Israel”.

“Israel” destroying Palestinian villages and towns

In 1948, “Israel” was founded on the ruins of over 535 Palestinian villages and towns, and the ethnic cleansing of approximately 800,000 native Palestinians expelled from their homes. Jenin camp emerged as a home for some of those who were forced to vacate their towns and villages.

“Israel” promoting ethnic cleansing

In preparing its blueprint, Zionist terror organizations established a “Transfer Committee” to oversee the execution of their design. Whether consciously or unconsciously, the Transfer Committee assigned military operations Hebrew names that essentially amounted to ethnic cleansing, such as metatieh (sweeper), tihoor (cleansing), and neekoy (cleaning).

In 1948, following the implementation of the Transfer Committee’s blueprint, a document from the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s government archives revealed its outlook regarding the fate of the expelled Palestinians. It stated:

The Palestinian people to “waste away”

“The most adaptable and best survivors would ‘manage’ by a process of natural selection, and others will waste away. Some will die, but most will turn into human debris and social outcasts and probably join the poorest classes in the Arab countries.”

Israeli assessment defied

Jenin Camp stands as an example of how Palestinian refugees defied the Israeli assessment. In contrast to what “Israel” had desired all along—to see Palestinians “waste away.”

To “Israel’s” frustrations, the perseverance of the refugees in Jenin and all Palestinian refugee camps remains a testament to the failed 1948 Israeli assessment of the Palestinian people. Their resilience, resistance and unwavering determination to return to their original homes stand as an indelible witness to their seven-decade-long struggle.

“Israel” er grunnet på terrorisme, rasisme og etnisk rensing av palestinerne

Av Trond Al Linstad.

«Israel» har ikke lyktes med å undertrykke, kontrollere og dominere palestinerne, som står opp for sine rettigheter. Palestinerne har ikke – som «Israel» ønsker – vist tegn til å «svinne bort». Tvert om er de aktivt kjempende mot den rasistiske, sionistiske staten «Israel» som representerer uretten mot dem.

Hva kan «Israel» gjøre – annet enn ytterligere å fremme at palestinerne skal «svinne bort»? En større etnisk rensing blir planlagt. Palestinske flyktninger i okkupert Palestina skal bli flyttet til nye leirer som skal bli bygget i Sinai andre steder. Palestina skal bli kun for sionistiske jøder – i en fortsatt rasistisk prosess. Hvem blir for og mot?

Trond Ali Linstad

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