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Debatt og skrift om Pride – ‘perverst’? (Herland Report)

The end of the Christian West: How Joe Biden opened the gates to normalize perversity

Hanne Herland

The Biden Presidency has one chief accomplishment, and it is to the detriment of our society.  Biden’s achievement is to normalize sexual perversity. 

Biden has made it clear that he has no respect for our Christian-based society and its mores.

I believe most Americans are willing to accept that a few people have an sexual attraction for those of their own sex and are willing to leave them be. What Americans object to is proselytizing perversity, celebrating it and using celebration and “pride” for recruiting.

The problem with normalizing homosexuality and legitimizing same-sex marriage is that normalization doesn’t stop there.  Once the door is open, all forms of perversity become normalized.  First the perversity gets re-named. Just as queers became gays, pedophiles have been re-named “minor-attracted persons.” Pedophilia is on its way to becoming another protected “sexual orientation.”

The gates have been opened to perversity, and the moral mores of your society are rapidly being erased. You have been sitting and taking it for decades, and now your freedoms are gone with the wind just like truth.

Ordforklaring: ‘Perversity’, perversitet. Ordet brukes om en ‘abnorm drift’, ‘i strid med naturen’. (Norsk ordbok. Bokmål. Cappelen.) ‘Pervers’ via fransk pervers, fra latin perversus ‘ fordreid’. (NOAB, Det norske akademis ordbok.)

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