Support for Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israeli

Oslo, 17. April 2021

Support for Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israeli

  1. Dear reader of this letter in Norway!

Please have a focus on the situation of the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails! They are arrested and detained on illegal grounds by an occupying power: The State of Israel.

  • The majority of Palestinian political prisoners are charged with offenses under Israeli military orders.
  • Even Palestinians peacefully protesting the confiscation of their lands are subject to arrest and detention.
  • The Israeli orders employ a broad definition of “security”, such that they ban, among other things, political expression.
  • It is forbidden to conduct a protest march or meeting without permission from the Israeli military commander.”
  • The order prohibits the distribution of political articles and pictures with “political» content.
  • Holding a Palestinian flag or listening to a national song is considered a “hostile action.”
  • Palestinian children are arrested and detained, some as young as 12 and 13.
  • Children are routinely held in detention centers under appalling conditions.

Israel uses its power to arrest and detain as a means to control the Palestinian population and punish any political activity aimed at challenging Israel’s occupation, thus violating basic human rights values and norms.

  1. Dear Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails

Great honour and thanks to you – strong, proud, and sincere Palestinians in the struggle for Palestinian rights –

  • Struggling for justice
  • Struggling Human rights
  • Struggling for your land; beloved Palestine
  • Struggling for the rights of your family, your children
  • Struggling for your history; Palestinian history
  • Struggling for Free Palestine.
  1. Honourable Palestinian prisoners men, women, and children
  • The world should offer you thanks – you fighting for justice and peace!
  • Palestine offers thanks to you – willing to offer your lives for your people and the homeland

Honour and great pleasure for me to greet you – strong and proud political Palestinians in Israeli jails. Determination and success upon you!                                                                                               

(Dr. Trond Ali Linstad. Oslo, Norway.)

17. april: Solidaritetsdag for palestinske politiske fanger i israelske fengsler

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