Muslim Manifest for Norway

Muslims in Norway need to know how they should be, think and act.

  • Muslims in Norway need to know how they are supposed to be, think and act. This applies both in relation to daily circumstances and to greater questions.
  • ?Good earth gives rich produce… And poor earth gives unhealthy produce. (The Koran 7, 58) Muslims shall be good earth, and that should be noticed by their actions.
  • God is the highest authority. He is in fact the only authority. No one shall bend to anyone but Him.
  • Norwegian authorities have power in this country. Muslims shall respect this. The authorities determine laws, which the inhabitants must adhere to. But the State is secular. The authorities can also be this way. Muslims shall not adopt thoughts and norms, from the State or others, that are not compatible with Islam.
  • The Norwegian State is a welfare state. It attempts to provide its inhabitants with social and economic security. This is a good thing, and no one must abuse it..
  • Muslims may arrive in opposition to the State. This is not unreasonable. With its secular ideology, the State exercises pressure on Muslims. It wants Muslims to be coloured by this. It maintains its own authority, in values and ideas. And expects Muslims to adhere to these.
  • The Norwegian Government participates in wars, directly and indirectly. Today a silent war is taking place waged against the people of Gaza. The USA is a prime player in this war. However, the Norwegian authorities are participants, along with the USA and Israel, in starving out the population of Gaza.
  • The USA is a hegemonic power with military bases throughout the world. They have a war fleet with nuclear weapons in the Persian Gulf. And bases elsewhere in the region. But all the power is pointed in one direction: No Islamic fleet exists in the Gulf of Mexico, nor does any Islamic base exist in the Mid-West. Nor does there exist any Islamic plan to force people out of the Mid-West, like plans to force people out of Palestine. American dominance must meet resistance.
  • Look after the identity of Islam. And raise Islamic flags! Create Islamic institutions Build Islamic schools, reinforce Islamic kindergartens and start Islamic youth clubs. But do these things humbly! Do not shout out about Islam. Remember that the efforts we are making are for God.
  • Do not provoke the majority in our society! They are not Muslims, and respect them for that. Why should Muslims, when they build institutions, raise such mighty towers? Which other residents in the country may regard as obtrusive? Muslims should not be conspicuous through their activities. That is un-Islamic.
  • Be positive towards non-Islamic people! Discuss with them ?in the best manner possible?. (16,125)
  • Negative trends exist. Some Muslims wish to be ?important persons? and cooperate with those who are in power. . They should remain standing alone, with the compromises they may agree to. Others go to political parties, to the left or right, but also play in accordance with the rules of the authorities. Some choose an introverted attitude in relation to the surrounding society. They resort to sectarianism and dogmatism. They do not use ?common sense?. (8, 22) While others think that Islam can be promoted by using spectacular actions and uncritical use of weapons. However, they say little about how. They wish to strike at political imperialism, meaning the USA and its allies. And that is not necessarily wrong. But these acts have uncritical repercussions, both militarily and in relation to civilians, often without apparent meaning. Nor do they build sensible alliances. Others again adapt to Western culture and become a part of it. Their behaviour is secular, but with a veneer of Islam. They must be made aware of their choices.
  • Muslims do not believe in liberal democracy, our method of democracy. It is based on secularism. It creates its own elite, which influences public opinion, politically and in terms of values. It does not promote a sustained moral foundation. However, it demands a hegemony and dominance in political and value-related questions. That challenges not only Muslims.
  • Islam is an aggressive faith. It has been sanctioned by God. And it applies to everyone. It is revolutionary and seeks a better world. We must have strategies for it.
  • Islam is the ultimate faith. It shall apply on the final day. In one hundred, a thousand or a hundred thousand years? Muslims are patient. And God alone knows. However, we face challenges, and we will meet them.

Muslimsk manifest for Norge, 25.01.2010 (original versjon)

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