Tribute to a sister

Dear Sister! You are subject to great pressure, from many who wish to change you. They are critical of your clothing. They wish to change your thinking. May I ask you to be resolute? To stick to what you believe is right? I smile and rejoice every day, when I look at you.

One thing is that you are beautiful! With your hijab drawn over your head, you radiate dignity. In loose-fitting, modest clothes you show who you are: you, an upstanding human being, with your own thoughts and reflections. You downplay your sexuality. Your brother is proud of you.

Proud – that you are yourself too! I see you walking with your back erect. Your smile is friendly but dismissive to those who wish to change you. You stand by your own identity. You willingly open doors and enter into dialogues, but know where your roots are fastened.

They are in an existential system: a vision of the world where you have found your place. In that system there exists a God! He created you, and has provided guidelines for how people’s lives shall be. Draw your hijab over your head, He says, and behave in a seemly manner. Men shall be seemly. You have chosen to subject yourself to Him.

In this there lie dignity and pride! At the same time you are humble, because you know that everything comes from Him. God is greater than all that is, and you wish to be close to Him.

You know that you are a Muslim! Muslims are a force in the world. In the world there are oppression and ignorance, which many wish to do something about. You identify with them.

Many will wish to change you, and embrace you with their own ideas. But stay faithful to what you are, Sister! For some your belief in God is offensive. They shall not cause you to waver.

Men who are resolute, and women who are resolute, says the Koran, shall receive their reward from the Lord. That applies to you, Sister! What more can I write or say, to encourage you on your way?

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