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Hadj for truth and purity and rejection of lies and compromises

The following are some main points from the speech of Imam Khamenei, Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on the occasion of this year’s Hadj (pilgrimage). 

– Rejection of the Zionist regime “Israel” and US must continue beyond Hadj

The appealing Abrahamic call, which by God’s command summons human beings, attract the hearts of Muslims from around the world to this center of tawhid and unity. 

Hadj has created this magnificent, diverse gathering of a multitude of people, revealing the human spectrum and spiritual power of Islam both to itself and to others. 

Hadj represents a blessing and guidance of moral peace and harmony between sisters and brothers in practice. It is a manifestation of rejection of lies and compromises, and the establishment of a powerful front against the enemies. 

Brothers and sisters, as pilgrims undertaking Hadj, you are currently in a place where you can practice these truths and luminous teachings.

This year, the issues of rejection of lies and compromises is more significant than ever before. The tragedies in Gaza, which are unparalleled in our contemporary history, along with the destructive and the ruthless Zionist regime, which is the embodiment of arrogance and cruelty.

It is a clear conclusion that the declining state of Zionism, leave no room for any consideration or tolerance by any individual, party, government or Muslim named group. 

This year’s rejection of lies and compromises must continue beyond the time and place of Hadj to all Muslim countries and cities worldwide. It must continue beyond just the Hadj pilgrims and be extended to the general populace.

The rejection of the Zionist regime and its supporters, in particular the government of the United States of America, must be rejected in the words and actions of nations and governments, and it must stop the crimes of the murderers.  

The ironclad resistance of Palestine and the patient, oppressed people of Gaza – whose remarkable patience and resistance have earned them admiration and respect globally – must be fully supported in every way. 

I implore God for their complete and swift victory. I pray that your Hadj be accepted. 

(Responsible for the extracts and translation: Dr. Trond A. Linstad. Oslo, Norway.)

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