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Ambulanse på vei til Gaza møtes med hets fra sionistiske jøder

Et utmerket tiltak: Ambulanse på vei til Gaza som solidaritetshandling fra folk i Norge og antisionistiske jøder internasjonalt! Vi glemmer ikke Gaza; vi glemmer ikke Palestina ? okkupert og undertrykt av sionistiske jøder!

Fred og rettferdighet i Palestina forutsetter at Staten Israel som apartheid-stat opphører å eksistere, og at det i stedet opprettes en demokratisk stat i området for alle med tilhørighet i landet; arabere, jøder, kristne, muslimer ? og for den saks skyld sekulære og ateister. Historien tilsier dette.

Tiltaket med en ambulanse til Gaza møtes med hets fra sionistiske jøder. Det er som ventet.

Her en artikkel fra den sionist-jødiske The Jewish Press.

Nedenfor følger artikkelen i sin helhet.

Neturei Karta Anti-Zionists Give Hamas a Shiny New Ambulance

Hamas has a new ambulance, thanks to the efforts of their Neturei Karta anti-Zionist comrades. How long will it take before Hamas tries to use it to smuggle terrorists into Israel?

By: Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu. Published: November 22nd, 2013

The schizo anti-Zionist Neturei Karta sect, with the help of Norwegians, has bought a fully equipped ambulance and has shipped it to Hamas as a ?gift for the Gaza children,? it announced on its Facebook page Wednesday.

Their belated Halloween trick is their biggest PR gambit since 2006, when one of the cult?s factions visited Iran and praised Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for calling for the Zionist regime to vanish and then later in the year returned to Tehran for a conference that focused on Holocaust denial.
It is nice to know that there are Jews who are so caring of others, even if they are non-Jews.

The Hamas regime in Gaza now has another vehicle which can transport explosives and terrorists through Rafiah and then east to the border with Eilat. With a moaning terrorist disguised as a pregnant woman, laying on a stretcher, a pillow stuffed under his shirt and the ambulance shrieking its sirens and flashing its lights, Israel certainly would let it across the Taba crossing and into Eilat rather than be accused of denying humanitarian assistance.
And when, God forbid, the suicide ambulance blows up at the hospital, Neturei Karta can start looking for God.

The Hebrew language Kikar HaShabbat website wrote Thursday, ?The representatives of the extremist organization [meaning Neturei Karta, not Hamas] were invited to a festive ceremony to receive a certificate of honor where they were photographed with Palestinian leaders as a souvenir.?

The website must have meant that the Neturei Karta crazies ?were to be photographed? with Hamas crazies because there are no pictures showing officials of the two extremist groups together, and there is no way the IDF would have let anyone from Neturei Karta or any other Jews, nutty or not, into Gaza.
The ambulance has not even arrived yet, according to the Neturei Karta Facebook page.

It said the vehicle was shipped to Gaza via Alexandria, Egypt and ?is now to be transported by road along the Sinai coast to Rafiah, located on the border with Palestine, and further into Gaza.?

Neturei Karta launched the campaign to raise funds for the ambulance last May. ?People in Norway, in co-operation with American anti-Zionist Torah Jews, have collected money and bought and outfitted an ambulance which was then sent to the people of Gaza,? it stated. ?On the occasion of departure from Oslo, Al-Quds Day earlier this autumn, there was a large popular demonstration in support of the project.?

Egypt is not letting Neturei Karta officials accompany the ambulance. ?The Egyptian Embassy in Oslo also warned that the Jewish donors would not be issued visas to Egypt,? Neturei Karta said. Egypt also did not issue visas for the ?Friends of Jerusalem (Al Quds)? to escort the vehicle.

Neturei Karta added, ?The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) of Egypt gracefully took it upon themselves to arrange for transport to Rafiah, where their Palestinian counterparts will assume responsibility and later represent the donors as well as themselves at a formal reception in Gaza, thanking both the Norwegian donors and the American anti-Zionist Jews.?

Before we get all upset about this latest gambit to mock Israel, let?s look at this as a win for the Zionist entity.

If Iran and Hamas need friends like Neturei Karta, the terrorist organization really are on their last legs.

Extremists usually disappear by melting into the Establishment or isolating themselves into oblivion.

That is what will happen to Hamas and the radical Muslims in Iran and elsewhere, but for better or worse, the Jews, even the extremists in Neturei Karta, know how to survive and will look for another way to do other big mitzvahs.

Once Hamas disappears, they can always ship an ambulance to the Ku Klux Klan.

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