Will the USA attack Iran?

Isn?t the war in Iraq enough, costing the USA as it does millions of dollars every day? The situation appears to be approaching chaos. Many fear that a civil war is imminent.

Saddam’s gone – that’s fine. But he could have been overturned some other way, as leading European nations believed. The UN was of the same opinion.

However, the USA wants to get its own way! Iraq and other countries are to be restructured the way the USA wants. Now it may be Iran’s turn.

Regardless of what one otherwise might think, Iran is following its own independent political course. Iran stands for independence in relation to the existing power blocs in the world. Indeed, Iran, if you like, stands for a new direction by trusting in its own powers based on its own traditions, culture and beliefs, and on this basis has forged links with others and resisted hegemonic states – such as the USA.


There is a powerful force in American politics which exerts a significant influence on President Bush. They are called “neo-conservatives”. Leading figures in this group are Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Vice President Dick Cheney and central advisers such as Richard Pearle, Douglas Feith and others. They are in the vanguard of USA’s aggressive policy, aimed at “reforming” the Middle East, if necessary by using military force, and shaping it the way they want it to look.

It may be Iran’s turn now!

The USA has spent millions of dollars trying to undermine the government of Iran. Many may criticize the regime, but the Iranians must be allowed to decide their own form of government. And the fact is, as many observers have agreed, that Iran has far freer elections and greater popular support than most other countries in the Middle East! Just look at Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other important US allies. They are dictatorships.

Money is being spent on undermining the regime, and radio and TV broadcasts have the same mission. The USA has allies in Iranian society and supplies them with money and information.

The USA collaborates with an Iranian group called Mojaheddin e-Khalq. Previously this group was allied with Saddam, receiving money and weapons from him. They had bases on Iraqi territory, under Saddam’s command, and they helped Saddam to suppress popular revolts. They are still on the USA’s terror list, but are now being “brought in from the cold” by the USA to be used against the government of Iran.

The USA has previously listed “actions” by this terrorist group, the Mojaheddin, such as: bombing of Iranian institutions, killing of thousands of Iranians, and assassination of Iranian leaders. The group resists creation of internal democracy, and suppresses any opposition it meets. It has a cult-like attitude to its leaders.

The Mojaheddin has been declared to be a terrorist group, but it belongs to the “good” terrorists that the USA uses to gain its ends.

The next target could be Iran. And the attack may take place soon!

The USA is preparing to attack

The USA already has soldiers in Iran! Naturally, their operations are shrouded in secrecy as they attempt to gather information, for example on Iranian nuclear facilities, which the USA – perhaps along with Israel – is considering bombing.

The USA is optimistic, thinking that if they bomb targets in Iran this will create so much unrest among the people that they will overturn the regime. They might be wrong there. Iranians may discuss political directions in their country, but there are grounds for believing that they are staunch supporters of the Islamic republic. If Iraq is causing problems for the USA after the invasion, Iran will certainly not cause fewer headaches!

The USA – to begin with and along with Israel – may be content to bomb nuclear installations in Iran.

Leading American spokesmen – and spokeswomen – have openly declared that the USA will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

If only we could avoid more nuclear escalation, nuclear threats and the balance of terror! But shouldn’t the nuclear powers be reducing their arsenals? As far as we know they have been ordered to do so by the UN. No new states shall acquire nuclear weapons and existing nuclear powers shall reduce their arsenals. However, the focus has been on threatened states such as Iran, which wish to acquire nuclear weapons to discourage attack – never on nuclear powers such as the USA and Israel to insist that they limit their arsenal of nuclear weapons.

On the contrary: Now the USA is openly developing new nuclear weaponry, so-called tactical nuclear weapons which they intend to use in future conflicts. Israel is probably doing the same.

Then it is obviously hypocritical to escalate development of one’s own nuclear weapons but threaten to attack those who wish to do the same thing!

Once again there is a difference between American and European policy – where the USA wants to go to war against Iran while Europe wishes to negotiate with them. In this case we should stick with Europe! And reject American policy.

Iran is a thorn in the flesh

But it’s not just possible nuclear weaponry that is a thorn in the flesh of the USA in relation to Iran but Iran’s independent – and in the eyes of the USA challenging – policies.

For example, Iran supports the Palestinians – without reservation! Iran will not accept the American “peace proposals”, which are always in favour of Israel and at the expense of the Palestinians.

Rejecting these “peace proposals” and supporting the Palestinians’ struggle against occupation is defined by the USA as “terrorism”. Iran is designated as a “terrorist state” and part of the “axis of evil”, as it’s called. Or the new “outpost of tyranny”. Iran rejects “peace” in the Middle East, it’s claimed. However, it’s a question of Israel’s “peace” being forced on the Palestinians.

The USA and Israel stand together against Iran! Israel may do the bombing. Plans have doubtless been laid for this.

And the neo-conservatives in Washington, who are largely instrumental in deciding American foreign policy, have close links themselves with Israel. Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith and others are Zionist Jews with strong ideological bonds with Israel.

In his time Perle was co-author of an article that maintained that Israel should not cede one square centimeter of land to the Palestinians, and that Israel should bomb all neighbouring countries that Israel considers to be a threat. Feith has advocated further colonization of the West Bank and Gaza.

Increased globalization is taking place, that is true, and people and nations are becoming more heavily dependent on one another. Nevertheless, countries, including Iran, must be allowed to handle their own affairs, in a dialogue and in understanding with others, without being attacked and bombed.

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