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Hva er lov i Islam?


Salam aleikom
I have heard something strange and want to confirm whether it is right or not.

My friend told me that Allah (subhana wa talah) doesn`t allow husband and wife to have any kind of physical contact, except of having sex with clothes on. This sounds very strange to me, and I would like to have a correct answer from the Quran, inshallah.

He told me that kissing is not allowed, to touch each other`s private parts is not allowed, even to see each other naked is not allowed. It really sounds strange for me. I thought it was opposite, that Allah likes it when husband and wife make love to each other…

I am a married woman, and think this is a important thing for me to know.


Salam aleikom

You are right! Allah likes it when husband and wife make love to each other. He appreciates that they kiss, touch each others private parts, enjoy looking at each other naked, etc.

Sex between husband and wife, willed and by affection, is a gift from God! Don`t refuse that gift! (But put it in its proper place.)

To quote from another book: "According to the Islamic point of view, a husband and wife are allowed to enjoy themselves without any restriction whatsoever in whichever way they like, except during a woman`s menstrual periode." (Dr. S.M. Darsh: Questions and Answers about Islam. Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd, London 1997, s. 113)

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